All the Makeup Secrets of Top Makeup Artists Disclosed for You!!!


makeup artist secrets

Perhaps all the ordinary girls in the world have that secret dream to look like real models! However, to achieve such an appearance with an almost natural look, but with a fantastic palette of nuances all over your face, you’ll need to become aware of the biggest professional tips that any makeup artist can tell you. However, it’s a total myth to believe that famous makeup artists will at some point disclose their biggest secrets, right? Well, maybe it is, but we’ve managed to gather some of the secrets and tricks they use! And we’re about to show them to you right away! Prepare for your first and ultimate lesson for a pro makeup!

1.The perfect cheeks…

makeup artist secrets

These might be quite difficult for you to accomplish, right? However, there are ways for you to at least get closer to the perfect cheeks of a radiant and luminous female facial skin. Some makeup artists say that they swap the application turns of blush and foundation, which as a matter of fact offers a fantastic final effect. So, instead of adding blush after the foundation, begin with the cheeks and then go for a light foundation. The other thing you can do to have the cheeks of a fashion model is to use not one, but two main shades of blush. Layer the darker shade on the zone next to your eyes and finish with a lighter nuance next to your nose and mouth.

2.The lips of a goddess!

makeup artist secrets lips

To achieve them, pre-treat your lips with some concealer. This will neutralize the natural shade of your lips and eventually the tone you’ve picked for your lipstick will appear finely on your lips. Another makeup artist trick is to use flesh-toned eyeliner to outline your lips and then apply some cherry nuance with some gloss for a magnificent kiss for your first date. And if you’re keen on Jolie’s type of lips, then use white pencil directly on the edges of your lips and then cover them with some ordinary neutral pink lip balm. Finish with your favorite lipstick tone!


3.Big eyes don’t like black!

makeup artist secrets eyes

There’s a myth across women that black pencil at the bottom of the eyes as well as eyeliner on the eyelids make the eyes look bigger. Makeup artists say the opposite – big eyes don’t like black! To create an illusion that your eyes are wide open, better go for lighter shades and if you don’t like any eye shadow, simply apply only nice mascara. Remember: black shrinks your eyes!

4.Minimizing the nose shape

makeup artist secrets nose

Many girls live with the illusion of having big noses. OK, we cannot make you believe that this isn’t true, but at least, we can help you minimize the shape of your nose according to the techniques used by the best makeup artists. Simply apply your foundation all over your face at first – including at the nose area – and then highlight down the centre of the bridge with some back up in a very fine and straight line. Use two shades of beige!

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