Top Reasons Why Your Makeup Does Not Look As Good As You Want



I don’t know about you, but many times in the past I used to ask myself why my makeup just didn’t look as fine as I wanted. No matter how hard I tried to make myself prettier than I naturally appeared in front of the mirror, the effect was never long-lasting or attractive enough. I did my homework. I made research on what women usually do and where they fail in their everyday or special event makeup routines. So, now I know the answer of the question. And I will help you to figure it out, too, by giving you the top reasons why your makeup does not look as good as you want!

1. The foundation you use doesn’t match


It doesn’t match two things – first of all, your facial skin type, and second, your facial shade. It’s essential for you to find a foundation – either liquid or cream-based – that will suit your facial skin type as to whether it’s dry, oily, sensitive, normal, etc. But what is even more important is to match it with your own natural complexion. Otherwise, the makeup you create will just look too artificial and fake!

2. You put too light a concealer!


The concealer you put to hide the dark circles under your eyes as well as those little pimps shouldn’t be lighter than your foundation or powder, but darker. I personally have made this mistake for years and when I found out what the right approach was, the change in my makeup was just amazing!


3. No highlights


Making up your face in one shade only will make you look as a doll. You don’t get the effect of the makeup you want because you just forget to highlight the accents. It’s important to put some accents with darker or shimmering blush on your T-zone, on the forehead and, of course, on your cheeks. This is how the smooth makeup conception is done by professional makeup artists, as well!

4. Ears need some makeup, too!


You do put some foundation and powder on your eyelids, right? Then, why do you forget the ears? They are part of your face, as well, and they need some makeup!

5. Eye makeup needs detailed configuration


Just putting your favorite eye shadows on your eyes is not enough, either. What you need to do is to make accents, to create a detailed makeup conception that starts somewhere and ends with an awesome highlight. So, just an eyeliner and a single shade are not completely enough for the eye makeup.

6. Lips are gone….


Some women prepare a fantastic makeup idea and leave it with no sign of lips. This usually happens due to big quantity of foundation or to lack of a bright and cool lipstick. What you need to remember is that lips must stand out and blush is not the accent – lips are!

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  1. GREAT INFORMATION! But what IS the right approach to the concealer/foundation dilemma? Personally, I struggle with this. I have not only dark under eye circles, but also bags/puffiness. I have watched countless tutorials on this, yet continue to struggle on a daily basis. I think perhaps my foundation choice is too light to begin with, making the situation worse! Any suggestions you have are welcomed! Thank you! Best ~ KK

    • Hello, Karen! I completely understand what you talking about. The most important thing about makeup is having the right foundation color. You must use one that is similar to your skin tone because if you use darker for some areas, the difference will be observable. It is better to use darker powder (for some areas) after light foundation! I hope this could help you!

      Best regards,
      My makeup ideas

    • I stopped using concealer under my eyes because I couldn’t find the right shade. The other thing I didn’t like was that the only concealers that seemed to work were thick and gloppy. What I got instead was the four different colors of purple green yellow and white and use the yellow on my dark circles and the green on any red areas. Then I just use my foundation under my eyes over that and it works like a charm. I use the cream version of this by nyx. I think it’s about $10 and is cruelty free.

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