Arabic Make Up and Its Stunning Effect



Arabic make up is for dramatic, evening effect. Do try it for one of your special occasions. It is very heavy for daily make up, it is provocative and extraordinary. It underlines the hungry, innocent eyes of the Arabic women. In Arabic culture the beauty of the woman is celebrated and esteemed above everything else. The Arabs veil the woman, so that her beauty be unstained by the lustful eyes of men. But what is seen – the eyes – is heavily adorned with make up. This is how they do it:

1. Apply foundation to all your face skin.


Make sure you spread it evenly and assiduously. Apply a generous amount of light pink eye make up on the eyelids. It should at this point look innocent and pretty. To the corner of the eye, apply a triangle saturated purple as well. Use a brush to effectively blend around the edges to smoothen the shades. Right below the eyebrows put a little white eye-shade, lovely and bridal. Then take black eye shadow and apply it on the inside corner of the eye, beside the purple one, creating a smoked make up effect. Do blend both colors with a brush. When you use a lot of color and you go for a dramatic look, it’s always about the blending. You don’t want to look like somebody punched in the face, you know. Apply black shade to lower lash as well. As if that is not enough, but there you are going to use a black eye pencil there as well.


2. Apply cream color brush


On the inner third of the eye, apply cream color brush. So now there are visible and clear contrasting colors on your eyelid – black and cream golden. Blend one more time. Prolong the eye with eye-liner. This requires some practice. If you need you can wipe out the edges with make up remover just to perfect it. At this point your eyes should look like Elizabeth Taylor’s eyes when she was acting as Cleopatra – irresistible and dashing. You have to add artificial eye-lashes – really nice and fluttery. Add bronze to your cheeks. Add creamy lipstick. Done, beautiful, seductive Arab woman!

3. The Arab women’s eyes speak to you


The artificial lashes make the eyes look really intense. Makeup gives Arab women a mysterious, eastern look. In their culture, they do not remove the veil even when they eat ice cream in public places. The more beautiful the woman is, and the more conservative her husband, the most enveloping the veil. The Arab women’s eyes speak to you with a thousands of silent voices. The most common characteristics of the Arabic make up is the heavy underlining with black all around the eye, and the catlike lengthening of the eye. The other colors may be bright and dark, depending on the eye color.

4. The magnificent jewelry


Arab women usually wear jewelry on their forehead and its magnificence corresponds with the magical look of Arabic eyes. The heavier the make up effect, the more attractive the woman is.


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