Beauties Before And After Makeup



Skin is the biggest organ of our body. Most TV shows mislead women to think that TV stars have perfect skin. In reality they have faces dotted by freckles, shining from suaveness, and ordinary like the rest of us. But with a little foundation everything changes. Women add powder to their complexion, and underline their cheeks with light rouge, and add some glossy lipstick to their lips – and here – beauty is born. Beauties are ready to conquer the world and male hearts!


A woman without make up needs to have a very healthy skin, otherwise she looks as if it she has been bleached. Most women feel naked without the make up. They look like after a heavy hangover, with shadows under their eyes and all kinds of face defects. Some of them refute the fact that a woman needs only her smile to be pretty. Without makeup, they are very plain, to ugly, with missing eyelashes, colorless lips and low self confidence. But if you add artificial eyelashes and a hard dark lipstick –the same woman can look like a Disney princess.


Some women are gifted and look good without makeup. That means only that with makeup they will look simply wonderful. From the hippie, natural style to the gorgeous Barbie expression there are three small steps – foundation, mascara, lipstick. Even if your face is covered with multiple freckles like Pippi Longstocking’s – foundation helps smoothen your skin. Blue eyes underlined with black pencil look wonderful. Dark, heavy mascara is very pretty for a face shouldered by long dark hair.


If you are black wear bright raspberry lip gloss and golden, and purple shade on your eyelids. Natural makeup usually has the best effect on women with regular face features. Foundation is a savior in case of skin conditions. One of the basic reasons women wear so much make up is self-confidence. They also wear accessories, silver and golden necklaces and huge earrings to underline their female beauty. Women with pink complexion dye their hair in bright blonde and use slightly pink lipstick for the perfect “girl next door” look.



Some women express themselves with tattoos of flowers and dragons. Brunettes put brown shades to underline their brown eyes. Black women look very good with golden locks and shiny makeup and light lipstick. Parisian red is a fashion statement, usually worn by the Cabaret and burlesque artists. Chances are with this color, you will not recognize the woman – it’s screamingly sexual and attractive. There are women with Parisian red hair – and that according to brilliant coiffeurs is plain tasteless like wearing an earring on your nose. Probably the one thing worse than that is hair in purple and blue and earrings on the mouth. If you must sin artistically wear pink brocade on your eyelids, surrounded by black eyeliner.


What TV does not reveal is, that there are those exceedingly maintained women, who need no makeup, and they are the true Queens of Beauty. The lack of make up gives the woman a naturally affable appearance and men keep wondering why all of us are trying the entire time to make ourselves pretty.





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