Brown Foundation – Yes or No?



When it comes to choosing the best foundation shade for you, there are lots of things you need to consider and estimate. Factors are numerous, as well as the tips you can use, but the main idea you need to follow is to look natural and a little bit more attractive than you look with no makeup. And today we have decided to discuss the brown foundation as a base you need to use and consider when you have to get a final simple but awesome makeup style!

1. Which skin requires brown foundation?


Absolutely forget about it if you natural skin complexion is either too pale, or fair. The final effect will be awful. On the contrary – you’ll look like a fake doll from those cheap kid’s toys stores.

Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation, Benefit Hello Flawless

Still, if you love different shades of brown, you can find the least dark one and apply it in summer, when the sunlight makes your skin more radiant.


However, if your natural complexion is dark, the brown foundation in all of its shades is perfect for you. Deep dark eyes – brown or black – also look amazing in a combo with such a generous nuance.


Keep in mind that such a complexion might be perfectly improved with shining and glossing blush. Such a makeup is ideal for your night out.

2. What lipstick nuance to add?


Applying brown foundation on your skin requires a deeper tone for your lips. Of course, the most ideal decision for you is to purchase a nice brown lipstick.



Go for a nuance close to natural chocolate, coffee or dark beige. All of these alternatives are amazing for both casual daily and evening makeup conceptions.


However, you can always rely on classics, too, because dark peach or red lips might become an extra nice accent on your brown-painted complexion, too.


If you are looking for a simpler makeup idea, transparent gloss is another nice idea, too!


Say no to brown foundation if you prefer girlish lipstick nuances such as light peach, orange or candy-like pink!

3. How to focus the attention on your eyes


Your eyes will never be on display if you wear brown foundation and you do not add any color to them. So, better discover the easiest tips to create smokey eyes with nuances like green, purple, pink or blue.


On the other hand, you don’t have to give up brown foundation just because you’re not fond of colorful eye shadows.


What you can do, though, is wear it with dark grey or black eye shadows. Nice eyeliner fits brown foundation in an amazing way, as well!

As a conclusion, we must say that brown foundation is appropriate for all types of makeup conceptions. Still, you need to avoid it only if you are pale or if you prefer more girlish nuances for your lips!

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