Is Permanent Makeup Safe?


permanent makeup

Do you want to have permanently perfect ruby red lips or eyebrows that always look shaped and darkened? It might be time to consider permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a new beauty trend that is gaining a lot of popularity. It involves having makeup applied through pigmentation that is similar to a tattoo. This allows you to always have a perfect makeup look without having to expertly apply your makeup each morning. Many women find it much more convenient to have permanent makeup applied. However, it is important to be aware of all safety issues. Here is everything that you need to know regarding the safety of permanent makeup:

Similar to a Tattoo

permanent makeup

The process of having permanent makeup applied to your face is similar to having a tattoo done. This means that it is only a safe procedure if you have it performed by someone with the correct certification and with experience. This means that you should not just choose any makeup artists to apply permanent makeup. You need to go to a makeup artist that has specific training and certification to apply permanent makeup. This is the only way to be sure that the right techniques are used and you get the desired look.


Allergic Reactions

permanent makeup

It is also important to be aware that allergic reactions are quite common when you are dealing with the application of permanent makeup. Swelling and redness are normal, but should fade fairly quickly. Anytime that a foreign object is placed in the body, it is possible for an allergic reaction to occur. The pigment that is applied is foreign and can result in a rash or worse. This means that you need to be aware that allergic reactions are common in some people that have permanent makeup applied. It is recommend that the makeup be applied in a small area to make sure that no allergic reaction occurs before the entire application is completed.


permanent makeup

Another safety issue that you need to be aware of involves the risk of infection. If you have permanent makeup applied to your skin using needles, it is possible for infection to occur. This is not a major safety issue, but it is a risk. If you choose a trained and qualified technician to apply the permanent makeup this is not something that should be a big concern. However, you need to know that the risk of infection does exist.

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