Perfume – the Invisible Accessory



In perfumes there is delight for women of all ages and walks of life. Fragrance is a synonym for indulgence, luxury, attractiveness and it is among the sensual pleasures. In ancient times it was the premise of rich and elite people and it started with burning incense and praying to the ancients. Nowadays there are different ingredients, which constitute the substance of perfumes we get to choose from.


Among them is gardenia, which reminds of a white rose, and all sorts of roses as well, jasmine which is often worn as a necklace by Oriental women when fresh, and ylang-ylang which is used in massage therapy. The sacred lotus, mimosa and chamomile are among the soft floral fragrances.


Basil and fennel are used for cooking more than in the perfume industry, lavender is a great substance to soak your wet hair in, which Indian girls do, and mint and Green Tea are mostly consumed as beverages and have beneficial influence upon the organism.



Orange, lemon and grapefruit are not only used in the perfumery – they are the most preferred ingredients for fresh juices in the morning. They are fragrances for awakening early in the morning, and for whenever you want to bring sunshine in your life.


There are some perfumes, which one feels could be swallowed. The fresh smell of coffee which all of us love in the morning, or chocolate, whiskey, amaretto, anything to defy your senses and mix fragrance with appetite is in this family of scents.




Woody perfumes are earthy aromas such as: dirt, moss and damp leaves, smell of deep forest, smell of flaming fire. The kind of perfume a true man would like to wear at a meeting of the board expressing serious, confident or grounded character. He will be smelling of pine, sandalwood and cedar for a really manly presence.


Rich and spicy, this family involves spices such as cinnamon, cloves, amber, and inspires physical seduction. The fragrances are mysterious, sultry and seductive, mostly suitable for a masquerade or for the concubines of a Prince.


Except for the aroma, the perfume bottle is also very important for the choice of perfume, and perfume industry knows this and they manifest a lot of creativity in the creation of the packing design. They come in different shapes, and they are beautifully adorned with flowers, precious stones, butterflies and other artistic creations. There are vintage perfume bottles, which are works of art and look like Faberge eggs and are adorned with little, glass statuettes of nymphs. There are bottles of perfume so elegant that you could buy the perfume even before you have smelled it, just to possess this beautiful thing.

A well-chosen perfume is the perfect gift for any occasion. There is a legend that when Marilyn Monroe was asked what does she wear in bed, she shared that she went to bed only with 2 drops of Chanel N4.

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