Best Eyebrow Shapes for Big Eyes


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You might not realize it, but the shape of your brows can play a major role in your overall appearance. This means that even subtle changes to the shape of your brows can completely transform your look. There are different types of brow shapes that you can choose from including oval, rounded, flat and many more. When you are looking for just the right brow shape, it is important to consider the shape of your face and the size of your eyes. If you have big eyes, there are specific types of brow shapes that would be the best fit for you. Here are the best eyebrow shapes to consider if you have big eyes:

Round Shape Brows

big eyes

If you have large eyes, the types of brows that will fit best are round in shape. This means that shaping your eyes to be rounded will help to highlight your eyes in away that makes them look more appealing. Big eyes can sometimes become the focal point of your face, but rounded eyebrows will help to soften this look and allow you to achieve a look that fits your face perfectly.

Creating the Round Shape

big eyes

Giving your eyebrows the rounded shape is not as difficult as you might assume. It is actually possible to achieve rounded shaped eyebrows using a variety of different methods. Snipping away the longest brow hairs and moving upwards to give your brow a natural arch is one of the best methods that you can choose. Make sure that your brows do not slant upwards, because this could give you the appearance that you are angry. This means that you need to be careful to not take too much off at the corners of your brow.


Add Volume

big eyes

One of the keys to getting the rounded brow shape that is perfect to offset your big eyes involves the use of volume. You need to dial up the volume on your brows in order to make the rounded shape look best. It is possible to give your brows more volume naturally by simply using a slanted brush to brush them out. Be sure to also apply your eye shadow using short strokes to make the volume appear even greater.

If you have big eyes, it is best to shape your eyebrows to be more rounded. This will give you the perfect look and help you to soften the size of your eyes just a bit.

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