Three Interesting Makeup Tricks!


1.The Most Important Thing – Proper Contouring

Proper Contouring

Proper contouring is perhaps the most important thing when you apply makeup on your face. The main reason for using makeup on your face is that you want to hide the features you don’t like so much and underline the ones that are your favorites. Using makeup and proper contouring is important when you’re going to pose for photos, because the camera is much more sophisticated than human eye and it can capture all the shadows and highlights.

There are special powders for proper contouring and highlighting and you can try and use them, but there’s also the option to use powder that’s darker than your skin by some shades, and foundation that’s lighter than you skin. There are certain areas you need to define with darker shades – your neck, under your cheek bones, and other parts of your face like the zone under your eyes and the t-zone is where you should highlight.

2.The Illusion of Larger Lips

Three interesting makeup tricks

Well, unfortunately we’re not all blessed with big and juicy lips that we like so much to see on a woman’s face, but there are some tricks that can help you create this illusion. The simplest one is to use lip pencil and apply a line outside your normal lip line. That means just to go slightly off your normal lip line so that you create the effect; otherwise all you could achieve is to look like a clown.


3.How to Save Your Eye Line

The Line Saver

If you’re using eyeliner as part of your makeup vision, perhaps you also check from time to time if it’s still there. Some eyeliners are not so stable and tend to vanish after some time, maybe because they’re not like waterproof makeup. But waterproof makeup is really hard to be taken off, the process of removing, for example the lashes, can be even painful. That’s why I prefer not to use waterproof makeup but have some tricks for saving the makeup on my face. Such a trick is to put pressed powder under the eye liner on your bottom lid. With this you create some kind of a barrier so that your eyeliner does not go downward.

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