Create a Perfect Metallic Smoky Eye in 3 Minutes


metallic smoky eye

If there is one makeup look that is easier and better looking than all others, it is the smoky eye. The smoky eye is a classic look that looks great for every eye color. The metallic smoky eye is a bit more bold, but it only makes your look more glam. You might think that the metallic smoky eye is hard to achieve, but it can be done in just 3 minutes. Even if you do not have a lot of time before your night out, you can still create the perfect metallic smoky eye. Just save 3 minutes and you can be out the door looking fabulous.

Here are the perfect metallic smoky eye tips that allow you to achieve this makeup look in under 3 minutes:

Prime and Line Eyes

metallic smoky eye

The trick to getting the smoky metallic eye to last is priming your eyes before you begin. By applying a primer, you can guarantee that the eye makeup you apply will actually stay on all night long. It is also important that you line your eyes with black or brown eyeliner before you begin to give them more definition. You are going for a dramatic look, so be sure to apply a good amount of eyeliner. You really want your eyes to pop. They should be the focal point of your entire makeup look. You should pair them with a light gloss and subtle blush.


Wet Brush

metallic smoky eye

It is important that you wet your brush before you begin applying your eye shadow. This will give your look a more bold color and allow you to create the smoky look much easier. You should start by applying a highlighter color at the top near your brow. You want the colors to become darker as your work your way downward. The second shade that you should apply after the highlighter should be a bronze. You can then apply a very dark color of eye shadow to your eye with bold strokes until you get the desired amount of boldness that you are going for. You can blend in the dary eyeshadow using your finger for the smoky effect.

Metallic Touch

metallic smoky eye

The final touch of your perfect metallic smoky eye is a dot of smoky pigment along the lash line that allows your eye to really pop. This final toush is what will make your smoky eye really stand out.

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