A Quick History of Makeup


history of makeup

Makeup might seem like a new beauty trend, but it can actually be traced to ancient times. This means that makeup has existed almost as long as humans. However, in the past makeup had different uses and there were different beauty standards that were followed. Eye shadow as we know it know or MAC brushes have not always been in existence. This means that throughout history there have been different beauty trends that have been followed.

Here us a quick history of makeup:

Babylon Eyebrows

history of makeup

The fist type of makeup accessories can actually be traced back to Babylonian ruins. This mean that during this time period women were concerned with the way that they looked. The first type of beauty tools that were found are believed to be a type of tweezers. This means that eyebrows were held to a high beauty standard even back in Babylonian times. Not only did women use the beauty tools during this time period, but so did the men. Both men and women would curl their hair and apply makeup to their eyes. Eyeliner was also very popular during this time period.

Middle Age Pale Look

history of makeup

It was during the middle ages that the pale makeup look was most popular. This means that women wanted to look fashionably pale. They would stay out of the sun, but also apply white powders that would give them a more pale appearance. This pale look continued into the 19th century. Natural makeup also became really popular during this time. Women would also bite their lips and pinch their cheeks before entering a room to give off the appearance of makeup.


More Choice and Safer Products

history of makeup

Not only have the beauty trends changed over time, but the amount of products and the safety of these makeup products has also changed drastically. Now women are look to look natural, but will use a lot of beauty products to do so. The pale look is no longer the rage and most women want a healthy glow. There are many different makeup products that are available, but they are made using products that are much safer than the past. Some of the past beauty products actually contained toxins that were harmful. This is no longer the case.

As you can see, makeup has a long history that spans centuries, but it always manages to stick around in one form or another.

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