Summer Makeup Tips for Women with Oily Facial Skin



Oily skin is one of the most popular facial skin types amongst women. Sometimes they get sick and tired of taking care of it. However, it’s essential for such a skin to be maintained and treated finely, regularly and according to the season. Since summer is so close, we’ll now give you all the tips and rules you should obey, while the temperatures are high and the sun shines directly on your face. See the summer makeup tips for women with oily skin right now!

1. Continue your strict cleaning routine


Cleaning your face regularly and with the proper products is a must – especially in summer, when your facial skin becomes oiler than ever. The hotter the weather is, the more careful you are supposed to be as to the hygiene of your face. Avoid cleansing milk, but rely on some fresh tonic. Such a beauty product will prepare your face for the light makeup that is suitable for the summer season.

2. Powder is better than foundation


We know that those awful pimps cannot be hidden with powder, but only with your favorite liquid foundation, but you must forget about it in summer. The foundation is too oily for your oily skin and sunlight makes it stick directly into your pores. And you know quite well what happens when your pores get clogged, don’t you? So, better rely on some matte powder. And as to the pimps, don’t worry – the sun rays will remove them after one awesome day at the beach!


3. It’s now time for some shimmer…


Some people think that shimmering products are not OK for oily facial skin. But they just haven’t seen such makeup on oily face under direct sunlight. Sunlight, as we’ve already said above, makes wonders with your oily skin. And guess what – blush looks amazing on such a skin, especially if it has some golden pieces!

4. Let your face breathe!


What we mean and recommend is to have some more powder-free days. To highlight your look, though, put the accent on your eyes. This means you need to choose some really cool and original ideas for eye makeup to balance your “naked” facial skin. Why do so? Because you can use the moment to refresh your facial skin with thermal water every time you feel too hot and every time you feel your pores too clogged with dirt and sweat!

5. Lipstick – whatever you like!


Unlike women with dry facial skin, your lips will remain just fine in summer. The drier the facial skin is, the more the lips suffer in summer, when it’s hot. Your lips, however, will be as lovely as they are now, so you can wear your favorite lipstick shade.

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