The Appropriate Makeup for a Job Interview


makeup for a job

There is one thing you should remember when it comes to the appropriate makeup for a job interview. Less is more. Any time you have a job interview you want to look your best but not club ready best. You want to appear conservative and use little makeup in neutral shades so that your makeup is not a distraction.

These tips can help you to look your best without looking over done.

Neutral is the Word

You want to avoid heavy makeup colors or red lips and go for a more neutral natural look to ensure that your job interview is a success. It is easy to get the right look when you use the right tools. Of course you want to be sure that your skin is nice and hydrated before you get started so use a good moisturizer. Choose your palette not to match your clothing but to match your skin tone. Consider how you will wear your hair for the interview and build your makeup palette around it.

The Palette

makeup for a job

You cannot go wrong with neutral shades and earth tones. You do not want to walk into your interview with a dark smoky eye. While it may look great it may also be a distraction and because you do not know who will be doing the interview and how they feel about too much makeup in the work place you always want to go with a more conservative look. Choose nude lips with a little gloss on top. Use browns and beiges on your eyes. Use mascara not false eyelashes. Stay away from overtly bright colors.


Why no False Eyelashes?

False eyelashes are great because that add that touch of glamour but they can be perceived as being a little too over the top for work. You can easily get your lashes in good enough shape for a job interview with mascara.

No Red Lips

makeup for a job

Red lips are great for a night on the town but they can be a little shocking during the day and absolutely are not what you would call conservative. Stay with a neutral tone on the lip you also want to only use a lipliner that is the same exact color as your lipstick if you use one at all.

Avoid Heavy Eyeliner

You can line your eyes but use a thinner line than you would normally. A few adjustments and your makeup will look great!

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